This site is dedicated to raising awareness about the gross overtreatment of prostate cancer. Urologists have been removing men's prostates for years even when the diagnosis shows low-grade disease that is considered indolent or slow growing. "Celebrity" urologists with posh surgery centers have their well-known patients blogging about how thankful they are to have had their prostate removed.

It's time to wake up. Time for men, and their loved ones, to be strong self advocates and learn the reasons why surgery is not necessary for this disease. Do not make the decision to have surgery without knowing the risks of the permanent and life-altering side effects that go along with it along with the rates of recurrence. Invest in the research -- you are worth it.

One thing we know is that the science is clear: Removing the prostate, or radical prostatectomy (RP), has no better outcome for prostate cancer than non-surgical treatment options.

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