Before You Agree to a Biopsy

Biopsies are not without risk so be sure that you have done your research. Do not just agree to a biopsy because your urologist says you have a rising PSA.

Insist on a 4K Score Test first. If your urologist will not do it, find one who will. This test combines four prostate-specific biomarkers with clinical information to provide men with an accurate and personalized measure of their risk for aggressive prostate cancer. The 4K Score test can be used prior to biopsy, or after a negative biopsy, and can predict the likelihood of cancer spreading to other parts of the body in the next 20 years.

Once you have done your homework and have decided to proceed with a biopsy, be sure that you learn about the different types of biopsies. The most common that urologists do are called random, or blind, biopsies. Blind biopsies provide inaccurate diagnoses so it is important to insist on a 3T MRI guided biopsy.