6 Ways to Be Your Own Health Advocate

  Don't be afraid to ask questions, maintain your records and seize control of your health. There was a time when a doctor’s word was final – his or her education and experience was considered the foundation of unquestionable wisdom. But now, patients understand they also play an important role in their health care. By advocating for themselves and getting...Read More

How to Be Your Own Health Advocate

  It’s your body and no one will or should care as much about it as you do. Today’s enlightened movement toward integrated medicine adds a new complexity for most people, including practitioners. So, the responsibility must be yours. Dismiss the conversations about taking more control of your health management — the time has come to be in charge of it! Even...Read More

Best Ways to be Your Own Health Advocate

  For most of my life, I thought of doctors as powerful, all-knowing beings, and of medicine as something that happened to me. This belief isn't unusual, but unfortunately, it leaves us unprepared for anything outside of the ordinary, from bad medical advice to issues that require us to make complex decisions. When these unexpected situations occur, we can make sometimes mistakes...Read More