Nutrition Information

Where there is a cancer diagnosis, it means the immune system is sick. The immune system has one job -- to heal the body. Since the majority of the immune system is located in the gut, the best way to support the immune system is through diet and supplements. Keep in mind that with everything you put in your mouth, you are either feeding disease or preventing it. An excellent website for further research and food information is Dr. Michael Greger's Nutrition

Shift to an organic, plant-based diet and add supplements to your regime. Eliminate processed food, chemical additives and animal products. This is especially important when undergoing treatment. Conventional cancer treatments may kill the cancer but they will also weaken the immune system.

Oh and if you want to discuss this with your doctor, you will be wasting your time. Doctors do not learn about nutrition and disease prevention in medical school. Yes, this is a fact.


  • foods that cause inflammation
  • refined sugar
  • alcohol
  • processed foods
  • conventionally harvested produce
  • chemical additives, preservatives, colors, etc.
  • foods with high contents of methionine
  • foods with high contents of choline