Training on the da Vinci robot is far from adequate


For the most part, this is the general training for doctors on using this robot. General training. There is no consistent standardized training or any type of credentialing for using the robot.  The American Urological Association has made recommendations for training and credentialing procedures consisting of specific online curriculum, testing, case load requirements, and also recommendations that all physicians complete the da Vinci online robotic safety training course on set-up, draping, specific safety features, and trouble shooting. Training in robotics is still a relatively new field, and there is not a strong body of evidence to support a specific training and credentialing model.

In addition, research says there is a learning curve of 200 uses. Wonder how many men were a part of the training.

Surgeons must complete the following steps to use the device:
  • Complete one hour of online instructional training
  • Watch two complete da Vinci robotic procedures (four hours)
  • Spend at least seven hours in practice operation (on a pig)
  • Perform at least two surgeries under the supervision by an experienced robotic surgeon

To learn more, you can simply type into your browser’s search bar: “Dangers of Da Vinci robot”. Happy reading.