Long-term study shows most prostate cancer patients don’t need aggressive treatment

  Nearly 30 years after it began, a study of prostate cancer patients shows both that the disease will not cause harm to the majority of men who have it, and that aggressive treatment is warranted for men with an intermediate risk of spread. The nuanced results come from a new update to a landmark study, published Wednesday in the New...Read More

Diagnosed with prostate cancer? Four big mistakes men are making

  It’s not the news you wanted to hear from your doctor—“You have prostate cancer.” Fortunately, as with 97% of men diagnosed with this cancer, it hasn’t spread to other parts of your body. Whew. Even better news: Your cancer is classified as “low risk,” which means your risk of dying from it over the next 15 years is less than...Read More

Gleason Grade Progression Is ‘Uncommon’

  The phenomenon of Gleason grade progression "is not a major feature of prostate cancer."  The news may provide some reassurance to men with prostate cancer with lower Gleason grades who are considering active surveillance as an initial management approach, say the study authors, led by Kathryn Penney, ScD, instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School and associate epidemiologist at the...Read More

Thousands of men with prostate cancer get risky treatment they don’t need

  They look like glowing jade necklaces of such unearthly brilliance they could be a Ming emperor’s. But if Dr. Gerardo Fernandez is right, the green fluorescent images of prostate cells could be even more valuable, at least to the thousands of men every year who unnecessarily undergo aggressive treatment for prostate cancer. That’s because the glimmering images promise to show...Read More