Information to Collect Before Making a Treatment Decision

Before making a treatment decision, there is basic information about your body that you need to have and be familiar with. It starts with copies of all test results and exams for your files. Keep a binder or use a digital cloud service so that notes and test results are handy.

  • The information shown here is a good start to help in making a treatment decision. Obviously there will be more information specific to you and you can include that as well. No one should make a treatment recommendation to you without knowing your health information. You or your loved one's doctor should take all of this data into consideration when he/she recommends treatment of any kind.
  • You will find that urologists will recommend surgery -- he is a surgeon after all. A radiation oncologist will recommend radiation. The professionals you speak to will recommend what they can offer in house so as not to send revenue (you) away from their facility. Do not let this happen. Take the time to research it. If you check Consumer Reports before buying a car, why wouldn't you put the same care into your body?
  • This cannot be stressed enough -- you hire the doctor, you make the decisions. Your doctor is your partner, not your decision maker. 

Age makes a difference in considering what treatment is recommended. Think about life expectancy as well as quality of life.